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The abstract should be written according to the following structure:
- Introduction and purpose (brief and concise intro to the topic and statement of the aim of the study)
- Methods (detailed description of the adopted methodology)
- Results (key results of the study)
- Conclusions (concise final interpretation of the results)
The abstract should be written according to the following structure:
- Introduction (brief and concise introduction to the topic of the case report)
- Case Report (report here the key aspects, including results, of your case report)
- Conclusions (concise and final take home message )

Please include only 2 self-explaining tables/figures in LANDSCAPE format. Portrait format tables/figures will be removed. All the tables / figures will be printed in black/white in the abstract book so be sure to nor refer to any color in the text of the abstract.

- Maximum of 3 (three) references
- Reference number should be in brackets in the text [e.g. (2)]
- Reference format should follow this order: All author names, paper title, journal name, year, volume, issue number and pages
- E.g. Paper: Hägglund M, Waldén M, Bahr R, Ekstrand J. Methods for epidemiological study of injuries to professional football players: developing the UEFA model. Br J Sports Med 2005; 39 (6): 340-346.

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